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In addition, it can access and change images of virtual disks as well as view and edit files inside virtual machines from the outside.

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A daemon is a service of a Unix or Unix-like operating system that runs in the background without direct communication with the user. We also need the systemd service file to run the script when the system boots. Guestfish, which is included in the libguestfs-tools package, provides us with a handy utility with a command-line interpreter. There are two ways to do this. The first is to enable systemctl , and the second is to see how this operation works and implement it using file operations.

As it turns out, the enable operation simply creates a symbolic link, which means that now only one line should be added to the script. After this, we run the script and check the result.

Everything works perfectly. In the end, we need to write a program that will perform the actions described in the script. The final program might look like this:. This method is quite versatile and is easier than creating many installation packages and maintaining them. This is just a simple introductory example of the large and powerful libguestfs library. Fast-forward decades, maybe even a century, and the man has several pairs of multi-colored think: tentacles and extra eyes on the sides of his head.

Jump ahead even more, and the man is God. But even gods can fall. It means a living thing that contains tissue from two or more distinct organisms. Humans have used pigs and sheep and even rats to grow human organs cheaply and safely. But manatees are so much larger, and their lumbering ways and gentle attitudes so ideal to peacefully cultivating alien tissue, that my employer, the Blessed Cures Consortium, chose them as far more perfect chimeras than lowly pigs.

Also, they can hide manatees underwater and leave their competitors guessing. A perfect job for an eleven-year-old with a big brain and no empathy. They are cute and cuddly and worthy of consideration and compassion; certain to arouse outrage when mistreated. So yes, I loved it. And so it is that a cryogenically frozen California boy from a world long dead, and a Russian boy who just so happens to like kissing other boys, find their half-robot selves on a train barreling toward Siberia. Not when genetic purity is the goal ironic, coming from the people sporting antennae and wings!

You know what they say about the meek inheriting the earth. While I liked each story well enough, my enjoyment grew with each new chapter. This review contains clearly marked spoilers. I know what they can be like. I was one once—. How can they sell Phenomenautism as image and experience? How can they sell it at all? Phenomenautism is meant to consume you. Buckley always said that reading is the closest an ex-phenomenaut can get to wearing another skin. Chief among them?

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  8. She was recruited to join ShenCorp — whose founder, Professor Shen, all but invented phenomenautism — when she was a kid. Kit works in the Research division, inhabiting the bodies of nonhuman animals to aid outside companies and nonprofits with their research; for example, as a fox Kit helped track the local population for a cub study orchestrated by the Fox Research Centre.

    Nor is she quite sure what that means anymore. As Kit watches her friends and peers disappear, one by one — let go for poor performance — she worries for her own future. Kit finds the idea of Consumer Phenomenautism repugnant … yet not quite as bad as giving jumping up altogether. Kit accepts, unwittingly stumbling into a corporate conspiracy that runs far deeper that she imagined. More below the fold….

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    7. Full disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of this book for review from the publisher. Trigger warning for rape and violence. Short story collections are always a little tricky to rate, especially when there are a number of different contributors. In Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep , there are exactly twenty-six. The unifying factor? Keeping with the title, most of the contributions are science fiction, or at least science fiction- y , with robots and AI figuring into many of the plots.

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      As promised, steampunk horses in an old timey Western setting, no less! Many of the pieces fall somewhere in the middle, with quite a few 3- and 4-star ratings, and a smattering of 2-stars. Trigger warning for rape. For as long as she can remember, Nita has lived in the east wing of the Kwalung-Ibarra Institute with her furred, cat-like guardian, Llipel. Their only company is the robotic gardeners that maintain the grounds; the artificial intelligence that controls the Institute; and, later, a cat retrieved from the cold room for Nita.

      That is, until she attempts to call Llare on the intercom and is stunned to find a furless face staring back at her. And, for some reason that neither of them understand, both their guardians have kept the presence of the other a secret from their charges. Fact Two: he and the boys were on an isolated island over an hour from home. No weapons other than their knives — blades no longer than three and a half inches, as outlined in the Scout Handbook — and a flare gun.

      It was night. They were alone. At fourteen years old, the guys — Kent, Ephraim, Max, Shelley, and Newton — had come up together through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers, but most save for the ever-nerdy Newt now felt that they were too old to be running around in the wilderness, earning merit badges for activities as dorky as bird watching and first aid.

      Their peace and quiet is interrupted on the very first night, with the unexpected arrival of an emaciated and ravenous stranger in a speed boat. Also, this is not a spoiler-free review.

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      Based on previous Goodreads reviews, I had high hopes for this novella. Or moderate expectations, at the very least. The seed of the idea that forms the root of the story is certainly promising: Some time in the not-so-distant future , to be precise , scientists have developed a biochip that will potentially face of humanity.

      Among its many functions is the ability to store vast amounts of information thus eliminating the need for passports, drivers licenses, and the like and dispense medications remotely. Convenient, yes — but hardly utopian. Common sense, people.

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      My aim is not to turn you away but to draw you in, bring you closer, make you a participant. I want my photographs to be beautiful and evocative as well as truthful and compelling. To look at this book is to bear witness with me, which means also that we confront cruelty and our complicity in it. As a species, we have to learn new behaviours and attitudes and unlearn the old ones. Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur has spent the last decade and a half traveling the world — both on her own and in the company of animal activists — documenting our complicated relationships with nonhuman animals.

      Relationships that so often boil down to objectification, exploitation, and consumption. McArthur bears witness through the lens of her camera, exposing atrocities that many of us would prefer remain invisible. Young upstart Dr. While visions of Level 4 Ebola research dance in his head, Carl is dispatched to Guangdong, China, in order to track down an emerging flu virus. What was to be a rather mundane and tedious assignment quickly morphs into a battle for the future of humanity, as Carl is thrust into a conspiracy orchestrated by his senior colleagues.

      Led by his own superior on the assignment, Dr. Johnson is an adept enough writer, and mostly keeps a quick pace, but it takes some time for the conspiracy angle to get off the ground. Johnson fills the book with facts and figures that are supposed to drive home the urgency of the situation, but which mostly made my eyes glaze over. Also, trigger warning for discussions of violence, including that of a sexual nature.

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      Oppressors like hierarchies that keep animals at the bottom because then you can do to humans what you do to animals if you say that the humans are like the animals. So it feeds oppression to have animal objectification. Adams page In Bleating Hearts: The Hidden World of Animal Suffering , author-activist and longtime vegan Mark Hawthorne examines some of the effects of these human hierarchies, which universally place nonhuman animals — an estimated three to thirty million species, comprised of trillions upon trillions of individuals — at the bottom of the proverbial shit pile.

      Dolphin-assisted therapy cruel, and a scam. Horse fighting which often ends in the serial rape of a mare, positioned in the ring to induce the stallions to compete. Rogue taxidermy. If you think you know all there is to know about animal exploitation, think again. Even the most seasoned activist will discover something new within these pages. While the twelve tales found in Boy of Bone are at turns gruesome and macabre at times intimately so , author K. Sands exhibits great empathy and compassion for her subjects, despite having only conversed with them in her imagination. Here we meet an aging, paternalistic doctor who literally builds his career on the backs of black bodies.

      A woman, at that! Boy of Bone is a gorgeously written, gorgeously illustrated tome — a work of art. While I understand that the museum is fiercely protective of its exhibits see, e. Especially considering that Sands is married to the director of the museum! Strong trigger warnings for violence, rape including incest , racism, sexism, speciesism, and cruelty to animals. Two holiday-themed Bizarro strips. In the first, a group of turkeys looks on in horror and disgust as a farmer, clad in the requisite red flannel, hauls two of their terrified brethren from the barn, seemingly for slaughter.

      Images copyright Dan Piraro. No smiting of my person, mkay? Nevermind that I also have a blog named Smite Me! Also, by way of disclaimer, I received a free review copy of this book from the the publisher, The Book Publishing Company. As in, nearly a year ago. Slow, who me? Because male chicks are an unwanted byproduct of this system, million of them are discarded — suffocated, gassed, ground up or merely thrown out, alive — annually.

      While chickens — hens, roosters and chicks; mothers, fathers and children — represent the single most exploited species of farmed animals, they receive perhaps the least consideration.