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Formerly a 1.

South African defence in the age of total war,

Due to her perfect condition and potential large storage capacity, suitable accommodation for crew members , Le Malin was acquired by the French Navy in November Refitted in Toulon in , Le Malin was operated as a support ship for divers and commandos and then served as an auxiliary support vessel dedicated to the State action at sea. From September to August , she was overhauled in order to become a public service patroller in the Piriou shipyard in Concarneau. Since the 25th of October , she operates from Reunion Island.

She performs maritime safety, State actions at sea and public service missions, in the southern area of the Indian Ocean. The ship has 5 officers, 15 petty officers and 6 crew.

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Its length is The boat has a displacement of tons and its hull number is P Defense and Security. France still maintains military influence and stations thousands of its troops across the continent, from western Senegal to the Horn of Africa.

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But changes in its strategic priorities have this posture under review. But recent, small-scale interventions in Chad indicate Paris continues to reserve the right to unilateral action.

French businesses have longstanding operations in Africa. Though France has diversified its sources of raw materials, Africa remains an important supplier of oil and metals. French officials also stress the importance of encouraging regional stability and development, support of democratic governments. But not everyone is convinced African affairs should be of primary importance to French foreign policy.

Of 12, French troops engaged in peacekeeping operations around the world, nearly half are deployed in Africa in both military and advisory capacities, according to the French Ministry of Defense. There are three main French bases in Africa.

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Their purpose is to promote regional security, though the base in Djibouti allows France to exercise a measure of military influence in the Middle East. There is also a small French force on Reunion island, a French territory located off the coast of Madagascar.

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France intervened militarily in Africa nineteen times between and Most of the operations were ostensibly to protect French nationals or subdue uprisings against legitimate governments. Most of these treaties exist today, though some remain state secrets. France expanded these arrangements in the mids to include the former Belgian colonies of Burundi, Rwanda, and Zaire—now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The turning point came with the genocide in Rwanda.

Andrew Wallis, a researcher at the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, goes so far as to link military support for the Hutu regime with the slaughter that eventually occurred.

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The French embassy in the U. Following French actions in Rwanda and a crisis in Zaire in which France supported the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, a new Africa policy emerged that eschews a bilateral structure in favor of military cooperation with international forces and African regional bodies. These institutions intended to support the African Standing Force, a 20, strong rapid-response peacekeeping force projected to be ready by According to Radio France International, France has yet to officially revise or renegotiate the secret and public defense treaties signed with a select number of African countries.

Critics charge that France uses this secrecy, as well as ambiguous definitions of what defines internal or external threats, to intervene according to its own interests. But budgetary concerns and a changing strategic climate have also pushed France toward its new multilateral approach.

What are France’s interests in Africa?

Structural changes in the armed forces—abandoning the draft, sharp reductions in the size of the French military, and base closures between and —mean that France can no longer maintain the dominance it exercised in the s and s. During his election campaign, Sarkozy said he was opposed to the French practice of propping up dubious African regimes. While France has reduced the size of its forces in Africa, the United States is increasing its presence.

In addition to the counterterrorism force in Djibouti, the United States has secured agreements with ten southern and western African nations to provide them with logistical support.