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Religion, hate speech, and non-domination. In this paper I argue that one way of explaining what is wrong with hate speech is by critically assessing what kind of freedom free speech involves and, relatedly, what kind of freedom hate speech undermines. More specifically, I argue that the main arguments for freedom of speech e. Hate Speech on Small College Campuses. A questionnaire was sent to the Dean of Students at randomly-selected small students , private, liberal arts colleges and universities.

Responses were received from institutions, for a response rate of…. Fighting Words. The Politics of Hateful Speech. This book explores issues typified by a series of hateful speech events at Kean College New Jersey and on other U. The present study investigated whether similarity within romantic partners was associated with greater feelings of love in the absence of betrayal, and greater hate induced in the presence of betrayal by using vignettes to induce love and hate in a sample of 59 young adults.

The results showed that people who shared similar values and interests with the target persons were more likely to experience stronger love. Additionally, stronger feelings of love were associated with greater hate after the relationship was broken, suggesting a link between romantic love and hate. Our study revealed a complex picture of love and hate. People have different emotional reactions toward different target persons in the context of romantic love and hate.

If one loves someone deeply and sometimes hates that person, the feeling of love may still be dominant in the context of betrayal. However, if one does not love that person, hate will be a much stronger feeling than love. Full Text Available Love and hate are basic human affects. Hate crimes: American and Balkan experience. Full Text Available In the nineties of the last century it was noticed in the U. Also the phenomenon of ignition of churches, religious and sacral objects, especially in the south of the U.

Rome, Rockefeller, the U.S. and Standard Oil

Several events, and above all the murder of a young homosexual in Wyoming influenced for both the violence and the crimes commited towards the homosexuals and all due to the prejudices towards this sexual minority to be included in this term. Today, this term is used not only in the U. The author of this paper writes about how this term arose in the first place and which problems emerge related to hate crimes and primarily in relation to the issues of expansion of democracy and tolerance, and also education, primarily among the police force and the young population.

The author also ascertains that only with the law, no great effects in the battle against this phenomenon can be achieved and that before the criminal-legal intervention some other measures have to be approached, like the creation of an atmosphere of tolerance and the education of the citizens about the phenomenon of hate crimes. Mechanisms of improving institutional capacities of the state to prevent hate speech and hate crimes.

Full Text Available The Republic of Serbia has introduced special circumstances for the determination of sentence for hate crime in the Criminal Code amended in December If a criminal offence is committed through hate based on race or religion, national or ethnic affiliation, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity of another, the court shall consider any aggravating factors except when it is not stipulated as a feature of the criminal offence. However, the State still neglects to consider mitigating factors.

Moreover, it does not pay sufficient attention to eliminating verbal expressions of hatred and discrimination that often precede crimes motivated by hate. The paper discusses the possibility of improving education and coordinated activities of the State, particularly of courts, prosecutors, police and local self-governments, to combat hate speech and hate crimes. The paper concludes that central to the success of this process are the education of state actors, and the development of a value system based on equality and acceptance of diversity. Investigating the brand love-brand hate relationship, and the effects of brand attitude and brand attachment on brand hate.

There has been an increase in consumer research on consumer-brand relationships, specifically positive relationship between the consumer and brands. This thesis tries to shed light on a topic that has received less attention, though highly related, namely brand hate. Study 1 was conducted in order to investigate an antecedent to brand hate , building on the fact that love for a competing brand can cause brand hate.

To our knowledge this topic has not been examined before. However, a line of re Challenges in discriminating profanity from hate speech. In this study, we approach the problem of distinguishing general profanity from hate speech in social media, something which has not been widely considered.

Using a new dataset annotated specifically for this task, we employ supervised classification along with a set of features that includes? We apply approaches based on single classifiers as well as more advanced ensemble classifiers and stacked generalisation, achieving the best result of? Analysis of the results reveals that discriminating hate speech and profanity is not a simple task, which may require features that capture a deeper understanding of the text not always possible with surface?

The variability of gold labels in the annotated data, due to differences in the subjective adjudications of the annotators, is also an issue. Other directions for future work are discussed. When love meets hate : The relationship between state policies on gay and lesbian rights and hate crime incidence. All rights reserved. Full Text Available Ethnicity in Kenya permeates all spheres of life.

However, it is in politics that ethnicity is most visible. Election time in Kenya often leads to ethnic competition and hatred, often expressed through various media. This resulted in widespread skirmishes that left over people dead, and many displaced KNHRC, In , however, the new battle zone was the war of words on social media platform. More than any other time in Kenyan history, Kenyans poured vitriolic ethnic hate speech through digital media like Facebook, tweeter and blogs.

Content published between January and April from six purposefully identified blogs was analysed. Questionnaires were used to collect data from university students as they form a good sample of Kenyan population, are most active on social media and are drawn from all parts of the country. The findings indicated that Facebook and Twitter were the main platforms used to. Invasive growth of the fungal pathogen Candida albicans into tissues promotes disseminated infections in humans. The plasma membrane is essential for pathogenesis because this important barrier mediates morphogenesis and invasive growth, as well as secretion of virulence factors, cell wall synthesis, nutrient import, and other processes.

Nce belongs to the MARVEL domain protein family, which is implicated in regulating membrane structure and function. This phenotype was likely due to a defect in actin organization that was observed by phalloidin staining. This suggests that a denser matrix provides a signal that compensates for the actin defects. These studies identify novel ways that Nce and the physical environment surrounding C.

cognitive parallax

The plasma membrane promotes virulence of the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans by acting as a protective barrier around the cell and mediating dynamic activities, such as morphogenesis, cell wall synthesis, secretion of virulence factors, and nutrient uptake. To better understand how the plasma membrane. This paper examines how the academic study of hate can be understood through Catholic social justice teachings with an emphasis on the Jesuit commitment to faith and justice to allow for a critical reflection on the relationship between theory and practice.

To make the connections between social justice and the study of hate , the paper begins with…. Full Text Available This article discusses the deficiency of the Indonesian criminal law with regard to the criminalization of hate crimes. Taking into consideration the fact that Indonesia faces a high incidence of social conflict due to rising intolerance and discrimination targeting minority groups. The combination of racial-ethnic-religious discrimination and hatred against minority groups in most cases results in various forms of common crimes which generally is known as hate crimes. Using a comparative law method, by and between Indonesian criminal law and the criminal law of other countries experiencing hate crimes, the author highlights options for eradicating hate crimes.

One important finding is the tendency of a number of countries to perceive hatred or prejudice which motivate the perpetrator of hate crimes as aggravating factor and not to as as separate substantive offence. Ethnicity in Kenya permeates all spheres of life. Ethnic hate speech characterized the general elections in party rallies and through text messages, emails, posters and….

Vacuum welding of metals; Soudage des metaux sous vide. Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires. The edges of the work-pieces are melted by the impact of an electron beam produced by an electron gun. The welding machine consists, diagrammatically, of: a a metal enclosure in which a vacuum is produced; b a cathode for electron emission, a high-voltage generator for accelerating these electrons, a focusing device; c a mechanical device for moving rotating the work-piece. Advantages of the process: 1 possible welding of highly oxidizable metals e.

Therefore, this new process is particularly advantageous for atomic power applications, the fabrication of electron tubes and, more generally, for all industries in which very special metals are used. Il consiste a utiliser, pour fondre les levres des pieces a souder, l'impact d'un faisceau d'electrons produit par un canon a electrons. La machine a souder se compose schematiquement: a d'une enceinte metallique ou l'on fait le vide ; b d'une cathode emettant des electrons, d'un generateur H. Avantages de ce procede: 1 possibilite de souder les metaux tres oxydables exemple: zirconium ; 2 realisation de 'containers' metalliques fermes sous vide pousse; 3 obtention de profondeurs de soudures considerables.

Ce nouveau procede est donc particulierement interessant pour l ' energie atomique, la fabrication des tubes electroniques et, en general, toutes les industries. In , however, the new battle zone wa Cooking loss and shear force were significantly increased, whereas expressible drip was significantly decreased along with reduction in the water holding capacity in both of two groups.

Redness of meat juice was significantly p vide cooked at the 7 to 10 d. The thiobarbituric acid reactive substances TBARS was significantly increased and was higher in the refrigerator stored chicken breast samples after sous- vide cooking. The volatile basic nitrogen VBN value was significantly increased in both groups, but the VBN value of the stored raw meat sample before sous- vide cooking was increased at an early storage, while the VBN value of the stored sample after sous- vide cooking was increased gradually in this study.

Total viable counts and coliform counts were significantly decreased during storage, and coliforms were not detected after 7 d of storage in both groups. Salmonella spp. The outcome of this research can provide preliminary data that could be used to apply for further study of chicken breast using sous- vide cooking method that could be attractive to consumers.

Machine for extrusion under vacuum; Machine de fluage sous vide. In a study of the behaviour of easily oxidised metals during the extrusion process, it is first necessary to find an effective mean of fighting corrosion, since this, even when barely detectable, has an important influence on the validity of the results recorded. The neatest and also the most efficient of all the methods tried consists in creating a vacuum around the test piece. Working on this principle, and at the same time respecting the conventional rules for extrusion tests loading the sample after stabilisation at the testing temperature, differential measurements of lengthening, etc.

La solution la plus elegante, et, a vrai dire, la plus energique parmi toutes les methodes essayees, consiste a realiser le vide autour de l'eprouvette d'essai. Partant de ce principe, et pour sauvegarder les regles classiques de l'essai de fluage mise en charge de l'eprouvette apres stabilisation en temperature d'essai, mesures differentielles des allongements, etc. Gautier, A. Successful collection of peripheral blood stem cells upon VIDE chemomobilization in sarcoma patients.

In patients with Ewing sarcoma and some distinct subgroups of soft tissue sarcoma STS , a quantitatively sufficient autologous peripheral blood stem cell PBSC collection for stem cell support might facilitate treatment continuation, dose-intensification, and high-dose chemotherapy. Data were evaluated with regard to the number of previous VIDE therapy cycles.

No significant differences were identified with regard to mobilization and collection variables or the number of previous induction VIDE therapy cycles. However, upon 5 cycles of VIDE , we found the highest relative proportion of patients who required two or three LP sessions.

Our data demonstrate the feasibility of successful PBSC collection upon VIDE chemomobilization even after up to five cycles of induction therapy, while at the same time the increasing risk of bone marrow exhaustion with every consecutive cycle is outlined. Kadriann Soosaare illustratsioon lk. Findings for the implementation of a foresight process. NCE Smart Energy Markets conducted in the period - a foresight process in which it was conducted a preliminary meeting, a kick-off meeting, four major collections and a 'recovery meeting' way for players who would enter the process.

As a result, they decided to continue a joint process management meetings under the name of the cluster with new collections - with the same external process manager. VRI Oestfold; Oestfold Research helped with follow-up evaluation of the process and presented in this report findings from the evaluation of the process. The purpose of the evaluation was, among other things, to contribute to a good process flow, documentation of experiences and achievements and contributions to better understanding and discussion about the direction and emphasis on the way.

The evaluation aimed to answer the following three questions: Are the expected results achieved? Is the process complete successfully? Is foresight appropriate instrument in the given situation? The findings indicate that participants perceive that they are on course to reach the goals that are related to the community; common cluster strategy for growth and renewal, carving out the correct goals for the future, the process for getting into a committed relationship, and develop an innovative environment that can stay ahead of the market.

At the same time they perceive that they are not close to having achieved the one goal that is directly related to the individual company - to contribute to the individual company's strategy will be more successful. Process management is perceived as a distinct and developing well underway, while project management is perceived as not quite so obvious, but in a better development. When we look at the core businesses consisting of few active businesses and some of the original have reduced their participation, while a number new have come to the last two workshops.

It also appears that there is a potential to increase. Mathematics is often thought of as the coldest expression of pure reason. But few subjects provoke hotter emotions--and inspire more love and hatred--than mathematics. And although math is frequently idealized as floating above the messiness of human life, its story is nothing if not human; often, it is all too human.

Loving and Hating Mathematics is about the hidden human, emotional, and social forces that shape mathematics and affect the experiences of students and mathematicians. Written in a lively, accessible style, and filled with gripping stories and anecdotes, Loving and Hating Mathema.

Full Text Available This article examines the importance of perceptions of police legitimacy in the decision to report hate crime incidents in Australia. It addresses an identified gap in the literature by analysing the National Security and Preparedness Survey NSPS results to not only explore differences between hate crime and non- hate crime reporting but also how individual characteristics and perceptions of legitimacy influence decisions about reporting crime to police. There is a huge volume of work on war and its causes, most of which treats its political and economic roots.

In Loving and Hating War: An Approach to Peace Education, Nel Noddings explores the psychological factors that support war: nationalism, hatred, delight in spectacles, masculinity, religious extremism, and the search for existential…. Motive attribution asymmetry for love vs. Five studies across cultures involving American Democrats and Republicans, Israelis, and 1, Palestinians provide previously unidentified evidence of a fundamental bias, what we term the "motive attribution asymmetry," driving seemingly intractable human conflict.

These studies show that in political and ethnoreligious intergroup conflict, adversaries tend to attribute their own group's aggression to ingroup love more than outgroup hate and to attribute their outgroup's aggression to outgroup hate more than ingroup love. Study 1 demonstrates that American Democrats and Republicans attribute their own party's involvement in conflict to ingroup love more than outgroup hate but attribute the opposing party's involvement to outgroup hate more than ingroup love.

Studies 2 and 3 demonstrate this biased attributional pattern for Israelis and Palestinians evaluating their own group and the opposing group's involvement in the current regional conflict. Study 4 demonstrates in an Israeli population that this bias increases beliefs and intentions associated with conflict intractability toward Palestinians. Finally, study 5 demonstrates, in the context of American political conflict, that offering Democrats and Republicans financial incentives for accuracy in evaluating the opposing party can mitigate this bias and its consequences.

Although people find it difficult to explain their adversaries' actions in terms of love and affiliation, we suggest that recognizing this attributional bias and how to reduce it can contribute to reducing human conflict on a global scale. Nov 6, Films and Publications Act,91 both of which exclude bona fide forms of Likewise, in the context of a bona fide stand-up comedy production, a rude.

Development of Pangasius steaks by improved sous- vide technology and its process optimization. The present study embarked on the objective of optimizing improved sous - vide processing condition for development of ready-to-cook Pangasius steaks with extended shelf-life using response surface methodology. For the development of improved sous - vide cooked product, Pangasius steaks were treated with additional hurdles in various combinations for optimization.

Based on the study, suitable combination of chitosan and spices was selected which enhanced antimicrobial and oxidative stability of the product.

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The Box-Behnken experimental design with 15 trials per model was adopted for designing the experiment to know the effect of independent variables, namely chitosan concentration X 1 , cooking time X 2 and cooking temperature X 3 on dependent variable i. From RSM generated model, the optimum condition for sous - vide processing of Pangasius steaks were 1. This research may help the processing industries and Pangasius fish farmer as it provides an alternative low cost technology for the proper utilization of Pangasius. In recent years, the increasing propagation of hate speech on social media and the urgent need for effective counter-measures have drawn significant investment from governments, companies, and empirical research.

Despite a large number of emerging, scientific studies to address the problem, the performance of existing automated methods at identifying specific types of hate speech - as opposed to identifying non- hate -is still very unsatisfactory, and the reasons behind are poorly understood. The excess in the hate discourse of the haters.

Full Text Available The article aims to identify and comprehend the marks of the excess present in the hate discourse of the haters. Among the strategies utilized by this group, there is the excess. Don't hate the business, become the business. The tactics demonstrate the permeability of systems — that these can How do we develop disruptive business models that do not simply become new models for business that ultimately follow capitalist logic?

We maintain there is nothing wrong with doing business as such We are applying this critical hands-on perspective to the business framework Policing cyber hate , cyber threat and cyber terrorism. At the same time Policing cyber hate , cyber threat and cyber terrorism was published.

This comprehensive book brings together a divergent problem and tackles each with a candid exploration. The book has ten chapters and covers aspects such as extortion via the internet, the ps This lively and thought-provoking interview provided key insights into the artistic and production processes behind the making of a successful TV drama.

James Flynn gave a detailed overview of the funding and legislative frameworks in which the modern day film producer operates both in Ireland and overseas. He provided a fascinating timeline of developments in the filmmaking industry in Ireland in parallel with his own career over the last twenty years. The casting of John Connors, for example, influenced Stuart to develop a traveller theme to a greater extent than initially intended. In addition, James and Stuart offered focussed, helpful and encouraging advice for emerging screenwriters and filmmakers.

Hate speech detection on Twitter is critical for applications like controversial event extraction, building AI chatterbots, content recommendation, and sentiment analysis. We define this task as being able to classify a tweet as racist, sexist or neither. The complexity of the natural language constructs makes this task very challenging. We perform extensive experiments with multiple deep learning architectures to learn semantic word embeddings to handle this complexity. Our experiments on a Making a home for the homeless in hate crime legislation. Several jurisdictions in the United States e.

This was largely promoted by new data and reports by the National Coalition for the Homeless urging added protection for the homeless. The issue of whether the homeless belong under hate crime provisions raises the following question: What criteria must a group meet to be eligible for its inclusion? What similarities do the homeless have with other protected groups? In this article, I explore some of the issues raised by including the homeless as a protected group. I survey several rationales offered for the selection of protected characteristics.

I argue that the rationales currently offered suffer from descriptive inadequacy by either being under- or over-inclusive. I turn instead to the political conception of "disadvantage" for an identity marker that better explains the link between the various protected groups and identities under hate crime legislation. Moreover, the use of disadvantage allows for the inclusion of the homeless without the need for incorporating other socio-economic identities.

Many legal jurisdictions permit victims of targeted hate speech to sue for damages in civil courts. In the US plaintiffs may sue for damages using the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress. Indeed, back in , Richard Delgado proposed the introduction of a new tort of racial insult to handle such cases. In South Africa, plaintiffs can use the delict of injuria. Although there have been some successful lawsuits, the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress has been Facebook flarf sends a visible, though often non-literal, message to offenders and onlookers about what kinds of speech the responding activist s find unacceptable in online discussion, belonging to a category of agonistic online activism that repurposes the tools of internet trolling for activist ends.

Women are more intolerant of hate speech than men. This study examined relationality measures as mediators of gender differences in the perception of the harm of hate speech and the importance of freedom of speech. Participants were male and female college students. Questionnaires assessed the perceived harm of hate speech, the importance….

Discutem-se os resultados e a metodologia de um estudo multidisciplinar que mobilizou conhecimentos tanto da antropologia como da geografia. This article addresses the impact of landscape and social identity on contemporary transformations and the reinvention of rural space in Castelo de Vide North Alentejo region, Portugal.

We describe a multidisciplinary research method combining anthropology and geography, and present the findings obtained. Combining a landscape typology with personal narratives of place - social-cum-spatial differentiation - allows us to explore relationships between landscape and local identity as a dynamic process in the region.

A contextual analysis of the hate speech provisions of the equality act. The article presents a detailed contextual analysis of the categorical prohibition of hate speech in terms of section 10 1 of the Equality Act. It is argued that this provision is not primarily intended to describe and effectively regulate the extreme expression that falls within the narrow ambit of " hate speech" as defined in section Close Cousins or Distant Relatives? The Relationship between Terrorism and Hate Crime.

Prior research has frequently drawn parallels between the study of hate crimes and the study of terrorism. Yet, key differences between the two behaviors may be underappreciated in extant work. Terrorism is often an "upward crime," involving a perpetrator of lower social standing than the targeted group.

By contrast, hate crimes are…. Responding to Hate and Bias at School. A Guide for Administrators, Counselors and Teachers. Your school has plans and protocols in place to respond to fires, severe weather, medical emergencies, fights and weapons possession. But what about school incidents like those listed above that involve bigotry and hate? Are plans in place to respond to a bias incident or hate crime? Too often these plans are created in the moment during the…. This guide offers proven strategies and recommendations for addressing day-to-day problems with respect to hate , bias, and prejudice in the schools.

A main focus is on racial issues, but bias against homosexuals and ethnic minority groups is also addressed. A key ingredient for response to and prevention of hateful acts is getting students,…. Oct 2, Books London This article theoretically examines the meaning and function of hate speech in a high-security juvenile male prison school. Specifically, the article draws on data from an ethnographic study of this prison school site in order to map the institutional mechanisms of hate speech.

Additionally, the article suggests these mechanisms are not anomalous…. Volatile compound profile of sous- vide cooked lamb loins at different temperature-time combinations. Major chemical families in cooked samples were aliphatic hydrocarbons and aldehydes. The volatile compound profile in sous- vide cooked lamb loin was affected by the cooking temperature and time. Therefore, sous- vide cooking at moderately high temperatures for long times would result in the formation of a stronger meaty flavor and roast notes in lamb meat.

Vacuum brazing of metals ; Brassure sous vide des metaux We have studied brazing in vacuum aiming its application for the making of containers and apparatus meant for high vacuum p vide en vue de son application a la construction d'enceintes et apparelilage destines a l'obtention des vides eleves p vide de certaines brassures sur des metaux utilisables dans les constructions mentionnees ci-dessus acier inoxydable, bronze d'aluminium, titane, zirconium, kovar, nickel, cuivre.

Several studies have described and analyzed the development and diffusion of hate crime laws in the United States, but none specifically examined state-level differences in protected categories.

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Forty-five of the 50 states have a hate crime statute, but only 30 of those include sexual orientation. In this study the social construction framework is applied to the hate crime policy domain in order to determine whether or not variations in the social and political status of gays and lesbians are associated with the inclusion of sexual orientation in state hate crime laws.

Content analysis of daily newspapers in six states revealed that a positive social construction is associated with groups seeking hate crime law protections, and that political influence may also be a key factor. Hate crimes have been found to have more severe consequences than other parallel crimes that were not motivated by the offenders' hostility toward someone because of their real or perceived difference.

Many countries today have hate crime laws that make it possible to increase the penalties for such crimes. The main critique against hate crime laws is that they punish thoughts. Instead, proponents of hate crime laws argue that sentence enhancement is justified because hate crimes cause greater harm. This study compares consequences of victimization across groups of victims to test for whom hate crimes hurt more.

The survey focused on students' exposure to, and experiences of, hate crime. A series of separate logistic regression analyses were performed, which analyzed the likelihood for reporting consequences following a crime depending on crime type, perceived motive, repeat victimization, gender, and age.


Analyzed as one victim group, victims of hate crime more often reported any of the consequences following a crime compared with victims of parallel non- hate -motivated crimes. And, overall victims of threat more often reported consequences compared with victims of sexual harassment and minor assault. However, all hate crime victim groups did not report more consequences than the non- hate crime victim group.

The results provide grounds for questioning that hate crimes hurt the individual victim more. It seems that hate crimes do not hurt all more but hate crimes hurt some victims of some crimes more in some ways. Microbiological and other characteristics of chicken breast meat following electron-beam and sous- vide treatments.

The combined effects of radiation and sous- vide treatment of chicken breast meat were investigated with respect to survival and growth of Listeria monocytogenes, shelf life, thiamine content, and sensory qualities. Chicken breasts were inoculated with L. Sous- vide treatment alone had marginal lethal effect on the L.

However, after the combined treatments of sous- vide and EB at 2. Parallel studies on uninoculated breast meat revealed that sous- vide samples had a shelf life of less than 6 weeks without EB treatment, whereas samples that were irradiated and then received sous- vide treatment had a shelf life of at least 8 weeks. There was a slight reduction in thiamine levels as a result of the EB treatment, but there was essentially no additional loss of thiamine due to the subsequent sous- vide treatment and storage at 2 degrees C.


Electron-beam treatment had very little effect on the odor and flavor of the reheated samples. It was concluded that EB treatment combined with, sous- vide treatment can greatly enhance the microbial safety and shelf life of chicken breast meat. First, it offers a general overview of the legal repression of various categories of expressive behaviours ascribed to the notion of hate speech.

Especially in Europe, such repression often passes through criminalization, long since used by law to suppress thoughts or points of view for some reason considered harmful. The second aim of this work is to identify the reasons for the legal repression of expressions, beliefs or doctrines certainly in many cases morally deplorable, yet protected by other high-ranking legal reasons: the principles of freedom of thought and speech.

Democracia e Defesa Nacional. Editora Manole Ltda, A brincadeira de Sokal Mauad Editora Ltda, Luzes e Estrelas - T. Adorno e a Astrologia , p. Editora Humanitas. Paulo, September 22, De Anchieta aos concretos: poesia brasileira no jornal , p. Dictionaries export , created on PHP,. Mark and share Search through all dictionaries Translate… Search Internet.

Realism , Scholasticism , Phenomenology , Conservatism. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Guilherme Falk rated a book really liked it. Adler Read 2 times. Guilherme Falk rated a book liked it. Mateus e Mateusa by Qorpo Santo. Guilherme Falk wants to read 54 books in the Reading Challenge. He has read 1 book toward his goal of 54 books. Rafaela Tavares. Lucas Zaper. Felipe Oquendo. Liliana Kawase Goncalves. Juliane Andrezzo. Bob Borba. People Guilherme is Following. John Steinbeck author of: Of Mice and Men. Fyodor Dostoyevsky author of: Crime and Punishment.