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8 June 2004

Online Available online.

Schubert: Lieder - Apex: - download | Presto Classical

Full view. Music Library. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Contributor Schiller, Friedrich, Schubert, Franz, Hoffnung, D. Hektors Abschied. An Emma. Gruppe aus dem Tartarus, D. Sehnsucht, D. Songs High voice with piano.

Bibliographic information. Publication date Note Piano acc. Parallel title on insert: Lieder nach gedichten von Friedrich Schiller. Title on container spine: Schiller-Lieder.


Compact disc DDD. Biographical and program notes, in English translation by Clive Williams, and vocal texts with English translations 22 p.

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For the first version, with 25 stanzas, see below. Set in a modified version by.

Strophe aus Die Gotter Griechenlands

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Last modified: Line count: Word count: Gentle Reminder. This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since Oh, that was when blissful service to you still shone, How totally different it was, it was different then! That was when people still placed garlands in your temple, Venus Amathusia!

That was when you used the magical drapery of poetry And you still wrapped it lovingly around truth - That was when the fullness of life flowed throughout creation And what could never be experienced WAS experienced. In order to press it to loving breasts People were bestowed with the exalted nobility of nature, Their eyes were illuminated and everything pointed To everything bearing the trace of a god.

But now where, according to our sages, A ball of fire is spinning soullessly, At that time Helios was steering his golden chariot, Helios, in his quiet majesty. These heights were filled by the Oreads, A Dryad lived in that tee, From the urns of beloved Naiads Poured the silver foam of the rivers.

That laurel tree once turned around in need of help, The daughter of Tantalus remains silent in this rock, The lament of Syrinx rings out from that reed, Philomel's pain out of this grove.

Franz Schubert - Die Gotter Griechenlands, D. 677 - Wolfgang Holzmair & Gérard Wyss

That brook received the tears of Demeter, The ones she shed for Persephone, And from this hill Cythera called out To her beautiful friend, but in vain! They descended to the offspring of Deucalion At that time, the gods still came down. In order to conquer Pyrrha's beautiful daughters Leto's son took up a shepherd's staff.

Between humans, gods and heroes Amor formed a beautiful alliance, Mortals with gods and heroes Paid homage in Amathus. Dark seriousness and sad denial Were banned from your pleasant worship, All hearts had to beat happily, For you were connected with those who were happy.

At that time nothing was sacred except for what was beautiful, The god was ashamed of no joy Where the chaste, blushing Muse, Where the Graces, were in control. Your temples laughed like palaces, The heroic games venerated you At the crown-rich festivals on the isthmus, And the chariots thundered on their way to the winning post.

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  7. Beautifully adorned soulful dances Circled around the resplendent altar, Wreaths of victory adorned your temples, Crowns your fragrant hair. Evoe along with the cheerful thyrsus swingers And the majestic team of panthers Announced the great bringer of joy. Fauns and satyrs sway in front of him And jumping up to him are raving Maenads, Their dances praise his wine, And the brown cheeks of the master of ceremonies invite People merrily to fill their glasses. At that time no hideous skeleton stepped forward Before someone's death bed.

    Janet Baker, Schubert*, Wolf*, Richard Strauss, Gerald Moore – Lieder Recital (LP)

    A kiss Took the last life from the lips.