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Human Rights are Universal Rights Shared by All Mankind
What is Self Determination?

It is a light that must shine, ultimately shining the way for a woman to see she is not alone and has the support of a loving community who has no financial interest in her decision. Donate Blog Contact. Previous Next.

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Freedom of Self-Determination is at Risk. As Americans, we celebrate our independence—Freedom! Our Founding Fathers set a course for this great nation that allows us many important freedoms, like speech and religion. Ultimately, what we celebrate is the freedom of self-determination.

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The right to self-determination was an integral element of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms, the Third Committee Social, Humanitarian and Cultural heard today as it concluded its general discussion on that subject, and on the elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. Yet millions of people were stripped of the right to determine their own fate, due either to military intervention, aggression, occupation or to exploitation by foreign Powers.

The representatives of both Bolivia and Jordan echoed that sentiment, emphasizing that respect for the principle of self-determination was a precondition for the enjoyment of other human rights, and no other right could be fully enjoyed without it.

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Among many others, the representative of the United Arab Emirates noted that the Palestinian people were deprived of the right to self-determination, which was universal. Other participants were speakers representing Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Azerbaijan.

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Also speaking in exercise of the right of reply were representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Third Committee will reconvene at 10 a. The Third Committee Social, Humanitarian and Cultural met this morning to continue its general discussion on the elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, as well as the right of peoples to self-determination. Such groups had become protagonists of all measures aimed at restoring identity values to indigenous peoples, women and persons of African descent, among others. Bolivia had not only ratified the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action and the outcome document of the Second Durban Review Conference, it had also translated those instruments into the national Law against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination.

The law established mechanisms and procedures for preventing and punishing racism in all its forms and for consolidating public policies for its elimination. On self-determination, he said respect for that principle was a precondition for the enjoyment of other human rights, and for that reason, Bolivia demanded the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from all occupied Arab territories, including Palestine and the Syrian Golan Heights. Bolivia also supported the right of the Puerto Rican people to self-determination, he added.

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Everyone was free to adopt a religion without coercion, a right protected by the constitution and reflected in national laws. Governments must foster environments of tolerance and ensure respect for the freedom of religion or belief, as well as the freedoms of opinion and expression. Emphasizing the importance of cultural diversity, she said it should be enjoyed, genuinely accepted and embraced, pointing out that, to coincide with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, her country celebrated Harmony Day each March for everyone who called Australia home — from its traditional owners to those who had come from many other countries around the world.

Yet, millions of people were stripped of the right to determine their own fate, either due to military intervention, aggression, occupation or exploitation by foreign Powers. She strongly deplored the exploitation of people in the name of development and the use of natural resources in territories traditionally occupied or used by indigenous groups, without regard to their cultural integrity or preservation.

Athens was a commercial metropolis and also one of the centers of world trade and businesses and trades thrived there. In many cases, a slave was appointed to manage the businesses and trades. Such slaves would control many other slaves and enjoy good wages. So more than a few slaves were richer than ordinary citizens and ruled over numerous underlings. Observing such conditions, some citizens must have thought about the difference between themselves and slaves. Even in the case of rich and somewhat powerful slaves, such privileges were given to them by their master.

When the master changed his mind or when he was angered, a slave who had been acting as a manager might suddenly find himself working in the mine shaft or be demoted to a low class laborer in business or trade. In contrast, a citizen would not have his life style dictated by another even if he was poor. The ancient Greeks must have considered this the dissimilarity between slaves and free men.

Slaves have their life style decided by their master.

Citizens who can determine their own lifestyle are free men. Therefore, I believe the origins of the right of self-determination and of the right to freedom are one and the same. No matter how great the wealth and power possessed by the governors, these were merely things bestowed by the great king of Persia. In order for a people to determine their own way of life, it will be necessary for them to decide the laws and policies of their country by themselves.

For example, if a country declares war on another, its citizens will be obligated to serve in the armed forces. To ensure their own right of self-determination, a people must hold in their grasp the right to decide on laws and policies of their country. This is why the ancient Greeks created the democratic system. Miraculously the ancient Greeks beat back the Persian force and won the war. Many Hong Kong residents have escaped to foreign countries ever since the decision was made to return Hong Kong to China.

Have you been making by yourselves the laws of Hong Kong, which you must obey? You were not even involved in the return of Hong Kong to China, an event which would control your fate. You people have been slaves of Great Britain.

Self-Determination and Individual Choice in a Post-Brexit World – The Future of Freedom Foundation

What you fear is actually not a loss of freedom, but your transfer from a lenient master to a cruel master. The Taiwanese people have been suffering for years because they have always been ruled by alien powers and have not been able to have the right of self-determination. Until very recently the Taiwanese people were slaves of emperors named Chiang Kaishek and Chiang Chingkuo.

But not anymore. The laws and policies of Taiwan are now being determined by officials chosen in free elections. By their own blood and sweat over the last several decades, the Taiwanese people have won the right of self-determination and are now free. The greatest tasks facing Taiwan today are to be officially recognized as an independent state equal to other countries of the world and to be admitted to the international community.

The international community makes agreements in various fields based on national units. If a country is unable to participate in an international agreement affecting its interests, that country is not free and it does not possess a full right of self-determination.