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I wasted twice that downloading and installing other social plugins. This plugin looks great immediately after install. I don't think I even changed many settings to get it how I wanted it. Very simple, to the point sharing plugin. Love it! This is great. No bloat, minimal css which you can eventually dequeue and add to the child theme css , no javascript. Perfect for PageSpeed. Plain and simple you did a great job! This plugin saved me a lot of time.

Very excellent, simple plugin. I dislike all the others with the loud styles. Here's some jQuery to have a title show. Contributors NoseGraze. Interested in development?

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Changelog 1. Sorry for 5 million updates in such quick succession. I know it sucks. Fixed problem with disabling counters not working. Updated default styles to hide :before and reset some padding. Refactored the settings panel code. Added sanitization callbacks to settings. NOTE: If you used this tutorial to add a custom social media site, you will need to update your code. Follow that link for the new details.

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Deleted screenshots from plugin file. They should hopefully work again now. The number is only removed if the share count is 0, which it will be for all new blog posts. Each filter takes two parameters: the share text and the post object. Thanks to jackennils Changed cache time to 3 hours, as advertised. It was set to only 2 hours for some reason. Minor coding tweaks to the settings panel. Tested with WordPress version 4. New option to disable share counts. The rack arms have been "pre-bent" slightly above horizontal so when a heavy SUP is loaded the arms do not sink below parallel with the floor, a very secure design.

Lining the inside of each rack arm is a thick piece of felt padding. This provides a soft place to rest your paddleboard and prevents any long term pressure point distortions. The Naked SUP is offered in a sleek matte black powder coat finish that looks great and is very heavy duty. Even though the rack is mostly hidden when displaying your paddleboard, we have still gone the extra mile to make what little that does show look awesome! It took the longest to develop due to the size and weight of paddleboards.

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It is one thing to make a rack to hold a skateboard or short surfboard on the wall and it is another thing to hold up a 50lb SUP that is 12ft long. Everyone who has seen the Naked SUP in action is pretty impressed with how cool it looks, your SUP basically floating there on the wall.


Keeping it to the basics makes for a really strong, yet minimalistic rack. This is the magic combination of looks, functionality, and price that our customers are looking for. Get yours today! What we get is these two arms. You have four screws to mount it to the wall, pop through the holes like that, and an instruction sheet. Basically what it is, is a compact sturdy rack that tries to be as minimalistic as possible.

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You can see it mounted behind me with the paddleboard in it. What you get is these two rack arms. After that, they put a very thick piece of industrial felt on it, nice and thick but also dense so that it protects your board edge nicely. When you lay it on the rack, you have no scratching, no excuse with long-term storage, anything like that. We have some for snowboards, surfboards, and whatnot but the Naked SUP is for the biggest paddleboards, heaviest, longest, anything like that. What that does is it has a lot of rigidity and a lot of strength to this rack to be able to hold the bigger boards.

Here it is behind me. The other really cool thing is you can just put your paddle right behind. It looks great. The cool thing is you can mount them as wide or as close as you need it, based on your board, based on your mounting space. I have these mounted about 4 feet apart. You also want to think about how high up you mount them.

Basically you want to be able to lift the paddleboard on and lift it off easily. In general we have a couple of guidelines for the type of paddleboard that we want to mount on this. We say up to 50 pounds. These things are pretty rock solid potentially over that but 50 pounds is good to go by, 36 inches wide. Then also boards 6 inches thick and less. Some of the Touring boards displacement hulls, they get really, really wide. These unfortunately is not the rack but it fits a lot, a lot of boards out there and looks great doing it.

When you do it, you want to try to definitely hit the studs. If you were mounting into a drywall stud-backed wall, studs are 16 inches on center typically so go into divisible number of 16 to try to mount it. Basically this is what it looks like. All you do is mark it and then you drill it and then you put your screws right in like that. Once you have it, you kind of want to push down on this, rock solid like I said. Grab the board. Put it up in the front right like that.

Just kind of gently. Lean it back. There it is. Check it out. Saw these online and decided to order them because they showed Bote boards on them and since I have a Bote HD Bugslinger 12 foot I wanted to try them out. They were easy to install and holds the boards very well I like the fact you can keep the paddle with them.

Affordable, fast delivery, easy installation, and holds my 9'0 SUP perfectly. The arms are deep enough to enable the board to lean back towards the wall such that it is stable and secure. Love the rack. Easy to install. Look great and doesn't take away from the board. The felt on the racks is great. Would suggest having it on the very tip of the rack if possible but that is only because I am short but needed to put the rack high.

So I occasionally need to balance the board on the edge of the rack before flipping it in but that wont be the norm for most people.

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The rack is great! A perfect way to mount your sup or surf board on a wall or fence. I mounted mine on my fence on the side of my house as it is easy to grab and load into my truck. I was super impressed that the naked rack securely cradled it on my living room walls. Great piece of art now that I can easily display!

Easy to get off the racks too. I even fit my paddle behind the board so it's all together. These are great for me! I needed something strong and straight forward, that looked great, and I could not be happier. These went up easily and work like a dream. Boards are out of the way and they look great on the wall. Would buy again. Quick install, holds my big boards very well.

Highly recommend for anyone interested in keeping their boards out of the way and safe! Simple, easy to install, good quality and sturdy, comes with appropriate hardware which is nice. Was quick to ship and delivered which was awesome. This rack is exactly as it seems - I use it to store my 11' Pau Hana board in the garage and it works perfectly.

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Easy installation as well. Needed floor space and had a limited wall space for my boards. This worked perfect for me. Very happy with my purchase. So happy with the set up my board looks like a piece of art above my couch. Very easy access to hang and get down. Thank you. I like this product. I am turning to the aluminum product after twice in the past purchasing wood racks from you that eventually broke. This is my final effort with your products. The surf board rack was super easy to install, very sturdy and looks great This product works great.

We wanted something that could easily be put in and removed when wanted and this product does that. This board rack was easy to install and functions well Shipping was fast and the product comes with everything you need to hang it. Locating studs is the hardest part so a stud finder will help if you have one handy. As you can see it displays my paddleboard quite nicely. The rack pieces were so easy to install and the directions that came with it were crystal clear.

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Thanks again! Keep up the great work! It was easy to install and I love seeing my board on the wall and not on the ground any more! Definitely would recommend!

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I mounted my board on the Naked SUP rack high and in a hallway. Not only is it easy access to the back door, but it also looks cool on an otherwise useless wall. I purchased these brackets because I live in a small apartment and could only mount my board on the wall. They arrived quickly and are great quality! Very happy!! We wanted to mount our SUPs efficiently while also using them as a display piece, when not in use.

The Naked SUP was a perfect solution. It is simple to install and comes with everything that you need. There is sufficient room behind the board to place multiple paddles. Because of the design, there is a lot of flexibility on where you can place the mounts. I would highly recommend this product for SUPs. I purchased to low profile storage brackets for use in our garage to store a SUP once they are padded and do not protrude too far they worked out perfectly. Racks were just as described and great size for our boards large. Very durable and help to maximize space in our small garage.

Easy to install and fast delivery! Great rack! Sturdy, quality appearance. Mounted to studs in my out-building so install a breeze. Longevity to be determined but I love the rack. Thank you! As advertised this product works great. Worth the dollars. Quality product that was easy to install. The Naked SUP rack is super easy to install, looks great, and keeps our boards safely off the floor.

Well worth it! Shipping was expedited quickly without me paying extra. It was ridiculously easy to install and the quality of the product is legit. Great space saver. I love it. Exactly what I was looking for in price and function. Very sturdy and easy to hang. Bought one for my surfboard too. I needed a product that could withstand outdoor conditions including saltwater. This product was a perfect fit! It was easy to put up and works great! It's also a great way to show my board and make the room look organized. There isn't much to say other than it looks good and it holds my board.

I drilled it into some studs and looks good in my apartment.