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So I enlisted them as my reviewers. The movie tells the story of Roy Wallace Kevin Novotony , an 11 year old boy from Seattle, who is reluctantly dragged along by his father Patrick Bergin on a business trip to Ireland. Roy is left to visit his aunt and uncle in a small Irish village. While nursing his hurt feelings, Roy suddenly finds himself in the midst of a series of mysterious events, all somehow linked to a secret cave.

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His companions, Abbey and Oscar, along with the other villagers, try to determine just what is happening in their village. Are there ghosts in the village? Who is doing all those anonymous good deeds? Are the mysteries linked to the recent death of old Alistair McGlocklin?

The secrets of life hidden in enormous caves

Eventually Roy figures out the secret, but only after a midnight chase, a runaway funeral cart, a quick kiss from an Irish beauty Braden closed his eyes , and a trip deep into the cave. My reviewers enjoyed the movie, found the story suspenseful and were caught up in the mystery of the cave. They also liked the special features — especially the bloopers. The location shots captured the beauty of the Irish coast.

The acting, soundtrack and visual production were up to Hollywood standards. In true Hollywood style, the movie takes creative liberties with the original book. For instance, the story is moved from Scotland to Ireland, and Abbey Niamh Finn is added as a strong female counterpart to Roy.

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However, the story survived the transition to the big screen. The movie was produced by students and faculty of the film school at Southern Adventist University and Hollywood filmmakers, and the cast and crew includes veteran British, Irish and American actors. Read the Spectrum interview with producer David George here.

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Despite the stiff competition, the film won a Crystal Heart Award. The Stanyer family writes from Spokane, WA where Brennan is an eighth grader who likes books, music, football, and video games; Braden is a sixth grader who fills his spare time with reading, sports, and music; and Morgan is an active fourth grader and loves cooking, skateboards, bikes, movies and eating.

Papa Brent is an estate planning attorney and spends his spare time driving kids to the movie store. You can purchase Secret of the Cave from Amazon and support Spectrum at the same time.

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    Published: February 11, Uncle Arthur has gone to Hollywood. The Navy is alerted and intercepts the submarine to find Morgan Todd being held hostage. The revised edition was used for an episode of the Hardy Boys animated series and a View Master version also exists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    The Secret of the Caves Original edition. Secrets from the Syndicate Files Revealed [1].

    A Family Reviews Secret of the Cave

    Children and Young Adult Literature portal Novels portal. The Hardy Boys. Stratemeyer Syndicate Franklin W. Dixon Edward Stratemeyer. Chet Morton. Leslie McFarlane Andrew E. Dead on Target Evil, Inc. Namespaces Article Talk.

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