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Common Dog Behaviors & Symptoms

The behavior is what changes, as we replace it with a new behavior that you like. Example: Grandma comes over for a visit antecedent. Pongo sits down new behavior. Grandma gives Pongo her attention consequence.

How to stop Dog Aggression quickly And easily - In a few steps!

At the same time, you can change the consequence for the bad behavior. Andrea Arden. In this context, calling behavior good or bad makes me a bit twitchy. Pongo is not being bad on purpose. The way you think of a behavior changes how you treat that behavior.

How to Get a Dog to Listen When Distracted

Pongo does what he does for a reason. He barks incessantly because it makes that evil mail carrier go away.

1. Use a Front Clip Harness if Your Dog Pulls on Leash

He pulls on leash because it makes his infuriatingly slow owner walk faster. You have to teach Pongo a new behavior that will accomplish the same consequence. Often, dogs seem quite relieved when you provide clear direction like this. So take dumb pictures and post them on the internet all you want some of these are pretty funny , just make sure you also use that big human brain of yours to teach Pongo a better way to get what he needs. But before you head to the supermarket to stock up on cheap hot dogs which is not a bad idea. A reward reinforcement can be anything the dog wants at that particular moment.

And since you know that Pongo does what he does for a reason please refer to the previous point , you know exactly what he wants.

Pulling on the Leash

The dog who pulls on leash is reinforced by getting where he wants to go faster. Instead, reward him with something he likes that fulfills that same need, like frisbee training or a toy-on-a-string. Any behavior that gets rewarded is likely to be repeated. Make sure Pongo only gets rewarded for the behavior you like.

Collar Vs. Harness: Which Is Best For Your Dog?

Imagination time, kids! This is the thing you want him to do instead whenever he encounters the thing the antecedent that triggers his unwanted behavior. Some ideas to get you started:. Jumping up Simple: sit Fancy: Go lie down on your bed. Come up with as many ideas as you want, but pick just one.

Leash Reactivity in Otherwise Friendly Dogs

Asking for more than one behavior will confuse everyone involved. Next, train the dog to do the new behavior outside the problem situation. Learn more about mischief management here.

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  • How to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs!

My dog Friday had this habit of barking at me when she was hungry. She was the spokesperson among my dogs.

Product Comparison: Top No-Pull Leashes

As a group, they would confer silently, decide that yes, it was indeed dinner time, and Friday would come over and start yelling at me. The reward in this situation was me getting up and making dinner. This is the kind of thing you can ignore. I ignored the behavior, waited until she was silent, and then got up to make dinner. This also works for begging at the table.

Yes, that means all the time. You never know when something can frighten or distract a dog and cause him to bolt, and you never know when your dog might accidentally get out of the house or off leash. Accidents happen. You should also research effective methods of training a dog on walking behavior. It is simply another option that offers a bit more control for a dog that is easily distracted. You should study how to use these effectively for training before purchasing one.

Picture Credit: Getty Images. Floodlight Pixel Manager. The instant the leash goes slack, mark and reward. Simultaneously lure him into the correct area by your side with tiny treats. You can mark the behavior with a word or clicker if you like. When he starts to get the idea, stop luring but do reward him for staying by your side.

Give a treat every few steps at first, increasing the distance you walk between treats until he forms the habit of walking at your side without treats. Your pup weaves back and forth or runs circles around you. Related Articles Article. Dog Training for Beginners Training enhances your relationship with your dog and enriches the bond you establish with him throughout the years.

Tips for Solving Common Behavior Problems Sometimes dogs can suddenly exhibit bad behaviors, even dogs who are otherwise on their best behavior.

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  3. 2. Let Your Dog Sniff Around for Mental Stimulation.
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