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Carmichael continued to visit and research and expanded his area to cover South Carolina. As time went on Carmichael extended his area to cover the United States. Carmichael has also traveled to Mexico and Central America to research the Mayan ruins. Carmichael spent 30 years as a photographer, many years as a freelance journalist and 25 years in law enforcement.

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Facebook Twitter. Home e-Edition. This Week's Circulars. On Vacation - Inn Bat Cave. Jun 25, Most Popular. News from Twitter. Tweets by MoultrieNews. Creating a working and profitable plantation was no easy task.

A GHOST STORY director David Lowery explains THE ENDING and the PIE SCENE

The problems the plantation owners faced were numerous and daunting. One problem — who was going to oversee these workers — was quickly solved. The English looked to Scotland for help. They recruited young Scotsmen to train the slaves, to teach them a new language. The young Scots were most successful. That is why the language known as Gullah has such a Scottish brogue.

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The tale I am relating to you was told to me in by Mr. Ben Brown who was then 98 years old. At the time, I was 11 years old. He had been a slave living at Mullet Hall. He and I were friends and I learned much from Mr.

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  • Things have changed since those days; the really important things remain the same. We all spoke Gullah. We were passengers on the same ship.

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    This tale is told how I heard it, in Gullah. There will be no translation at the end:. Gal, she beena kinda diffent she ain hanged out wit she kind. She ben a loner eber since she 3 or 4 year old. By en by she git de repetaton she mus be crazy. By de time she ben about 20 year no body see she for de longest.

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    It come to de concluson Gal mus be ded in de wood das wher she stay. Legare ax for people to look fo em. She was a commoty an he wan she back.

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    • No body fin em. He start fo turn cold en de peoples go in de wood to get rack for to mek fire.

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      Eny how Labode find en a tiket, Gal she be ded. Him tel eby body what tiket Gal be ded in. Eby body in dem day eats all kina ting. Eby body had gun shoot coon sqrel an possom.

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      De hunter mans know afta de body lay fo a long time possom favorite place were up in the rib gage. De possum out de rain he out de cold. He home. All de hunter man needs is a crocus1. He put de crocus over de hole where de possom comes and go. Den him git a pole en he beat on the hide over de rib. Hunter man grab de crocus en he gots a nice supper. De way you cook possom is he got to be swinge git him by de tail, bil fire, hole em oder fire, swing all he hair til him look like bald head man.

      He ready fo pot. Some yongstr tink dem wanta be hunter man. Dem git a crocus dem get a pole. Dem tink he be mo funnr ef dey goes at night. Dey find a lighter tot makes a torch. De moon, he be full. By en by dey find Gal. De tiket been so tick dey haffa use torch to see em good. Gal leg bones aint got no skin on em, neder. She hed de teet tat shine; Gal had goop teet.

      Ghost Hunting Wadmalaw Island South Carolina. The Wadmalaw Island, SC Ghost Hunting Company

      Dem yongst be kina skeret. No body say notin. Sonny Boy, he be de instagator. Eby body look at Sonny Boy. Him get de crocus put em ober de hole. Sonny Boy tell Remus Lee to use de pole and beat de ribs. Remus Lee ain move him scaret to beat Gal rib. Him tink a haint2 be in dem rib. Bot dat time de torch, him go out.