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The reading texts will be from academic texts. There will be 3 or 4 reading passages with 13 to 15 reading comprehension questions on each passage. You will need to be able to express opinions, summarize a conversation, and give a spoken summary of a lecture or reading passage. For your integrated essay, you will need to summarize and compare the information from the lecture and reading.

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The test has sections on reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Reading The reading section has 3 or 4 passages, and usually has 40 to 50 questions. You will have 60 to 80 minutes to finish the reading section. Free Reading Test Listening The listening section usually has 6 parts. You will listen to conversations, discussions, lectures, and seminars.

You will then need to answer questions on what you have heard. Hello Micheal, Im giving my exam on this coming saturday.. I need a score of 90 for my university! My weak point is speaking task.. I am having a bit of problem in jotting down the ideas from lecture.

Can you suggest me on this which will help me for both? Note-taking can be challenging, especially as you complete TOEFL iBT speaking and writing practice, but there are some things you can do, all of which will help you to improve your note-taking skills:.

Hi Sir, I am preparing for my Toefl exam from past a month. I gave it once last year and scored really less in reading and listening section. I continued to practice it, but last week when i gave practice test , I again scored very less in reading and listening. I also need to score 26 in speaking section.

When, I practice the speaking test , my score keep on fluctuating between 24 or But, now in last two practice test i scored 26 constantly. I am appearing for Exm again on 28 feb, I am trying hard on reading section, but unfortunately always fails to get above Please help me with it. I think my problem in reading understanding the meaning of words and the passage.

Also, when I took listening section all the students were in speaking section. Would you pleas help me to improve my score?

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What is your target score you want to get, including subtotals in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing. For example, complete these ideas:. My required score is 80 and in speaking section, i need atleast Induvidual scores: 1time 2nd time r 17 l 16 s 19 w I think my weak point is listening. Can you provide me some directions? Thanks Michael!

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However, I have practiced my reading a lot. Thanks again for your suggestions. I want to take the toefl next month. I need to improve from 78 to at least I got 18 in reading, listening 18, speaking 20, and 22 in writing. I would like to start as soon as possible!

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Hi Meichel, Hope you are fine and doing well. I have tried toefl ibt free practice test but my score were 8 in reading, 12 in listening, 13 in Speaking and 12 in Writing. Please guide me what course is good for me Thanks. However, before do that I need to hear your comments on my situation. I think that the structure of your lessons may help me properly to boost my current English level to that target I mentioned before as you focus on all the essential sections to perform well on toef ibt.

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Also, completing a practice test will help you learn more about the structure and format of the TOEFL exam. Finally, taking a full-length TOEFL iBT practice test will help you to build the strength and mental stamina you will need when you complete a difficult five hour English test.

The next time I got 81 points. So, as you can see, there was a regress in certain sections. My aim is around points as a minimum for the enrollment. What would you suggest to focus on and what possibly went wrong at the second try? Hi Mr. As I am doing my course it shows that I can communicate with other people, write my assignments and speaking in the class and other friends successfully, but I think I am not good in English as much as I want to be.

Now I am going to take your advice, what do you think about my English skills and abilities?

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  4. Thank you Mujib. First of all, I need to understand what your current English level is. What is your most recent TOEFL score, including subtotals in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections? Second of all, what is your target TOEFL score that you want, including subtotals in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections? I have done the test online I think I am in a worst level about 18 in reading, 19 in listening, 17 speaking and 16 on writing the total is almost around Thank you so much for your replying Mujib.

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    You are not at the worst level with your academic English language abilities. To help you improve from 70 to 85, I am recommending my Day TOEFL Study Guide, which is designed to give you vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking practice for an extended period of time.

    In addition to using my Online TOEFL Course for hours a day for the next three months, I will recommend that you engage in a regular routine of reading and listening to authentic English by finding materials relating to science, history, documentaries, and news. Spend between 45 to 90 minutes practicing your reading and listening, and then focus on writing down the main and most important supporting points of these passages. Your note-taking will be neither complete nor accurate in the beginning, but, as you keep at it, your will improve your ability to take notes.

    And trust me, Mujib, for note-taking is one of the most important tactics during the TOEFL exam, so you want to make sure you regularly practice this now. As you practice, you should write three word summaries weekly. Your summaries are based on the notes that you are taking on the reading and listening passages that you are practicing.

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    Similarly, using your notes, you should also practice speaking about the passages by giving second oral summaries. I recommend that you record your oral summaries so that you can listen to them afterward by paying close attention to your delivery, language use, and topic development. In addition, you will also be completing independent and integrated writing and speaking tasks in my Online TOEFL Course, and I will give you audio and written comments to help you improve.

    Unlike most Online TOEFL Courses, you can complete speaking and writing practice tests daily, and I will give you feedback in about 24 hours after you complete a practice test. Where else can you get that type of feedback for my low monthly subscription fee? HI,it will be my third Time i will be appearing for Toefl. First time i got 82,second time i got I need atleast to apply into universities. Please guide.